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A Weekend of Family and Trails

This past weekend I headed back east to PA for my nephew/Godson’s Christening. It was a very short trip home with landing at 10PM on Friday and leaving early Monday afternoon, but it was a good time and it was good to see the family. The nice thing about going home for things like this is that, even though it’s only 2 days, I get to see pretty much everyone because they all get together in one place. MUCH easier than having to drive all over northeast PA.

Saturday started with a nice 6 mile run, mostly on trails. I started from my Mom’s house and ran up the mountain via trails to a cliff we used to hike and snowmobile to when I was a kid. From there the trail heads towards my Dad’s and Grandparent’s houses so I stopped by for a visit. Here’s some video of the run including a short look at where I spent my early years:

After the run I went to the movies with my youngest brother Kyle and Stepfather Charlie. Saw the new Harry Potter….unless you are a diehard I would wait til the last one is released and watch this right before it. I hate knowing the cliffhanger I just watched is going to take a year to resolve itself.

The best part of the day, however, was definitely going to see Kyle’s musical that night. He’s been performing in plays and musicals for years now, but he started while I was away at college so I have never had a chance to see him in person. This would be his last musical because he is a Senior and the school put on Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. They did a fantastic job and Kyle was really good; he really puts everything he has in to these performances. Despite not really understanding the theater myself, I was really proud of him and how hard he works for this. Seeing him upset after his final musical reminded me of how I felt after my final soccer game of high school, he really loves this so I hope he has the ability to stay involved even after he graduates.

Sunday morning was the Christening and afterwards, we all went back to my brother’s place for the party and I got to spend some quality time with the kiddo while watching the Steelers dismantle the Raiders. It’s hilarious because he’s already 2 months old and addicted to sports. He stares at the TV while football is on, gets antsy when there is a commercial, cries when you turn him away from the game, and immediately reacts when he hears the SportsCenter theme song. Needless to say, he’s his father’s child.


My nephew, Joseph, and I

Monday I woke up just in time to get to Moon Lake Park when it opened at 9. When we were kids we used to go to Moon Lake to swim, camp, fish and picnic and I have some good memories of the place. Unfortunately, the state of PA has had some lovely crooked politicians of late that have run the financial situation into the ground so they said they could no longer afford to keep the park open. Fortunately, from what I am told, there were at least some people that wouldn’t accept this. The local mountain bikers decided they were going to use the parks trails anyway and I’m sure the local fishermen made their push as well. Now, the park is at least open for fishing, trail usage, picnics and some other activities. Still no pool use or camping though.

Anyway, I had seen some video before heading home that made it look like the mountain bikers has made themselves an incredible single track haven in the park, and they have. I was short on time so I was only able to do just over 5 miles but it was on fantastic trail. If you are ever in the area I can’t recommend highly enough that you head to the park with a bike or some trail shoes and check it out. They have a great trail map online and each trail head is well marked with hand made signs. If you want a sneak peek here’s some video I shot:


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