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Check This Out – SLS3 Compression Day Sleeves

I’ve been wearing SLS3 compression sox and tri kit for about 2 years, including through Silverman Full last November. I’ve really liked the quality of their gear, especially the Compression Sox and Sleeves. For the past year I’ve been running primarily trails and have found that I do best with Injinji socks so I’ve had to set aside the SLS3 Compression Sox. However, the calf sleeves have been a staple for me.

The thing I’ve liked most is the level of compression. SLS3 boasts 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression which is the most I’ve been able to find. These things hold my calves SOLID. They’ve essentially eliminated my calf cramping issues and, when running hills and sprints, I’ve had zero problems with strains. The other great thing about the Compression Sleeves is the use of polypropylene instead of nylon. Polypropylene absorbs 300% less water than nylon, therefore allowing you to wear the sleeves under your wetsuit without worrying about them being water logged for the rest of the race. I’ve done this for a hand ful of OLY and 1/2 IM distance races with great success.

The only problem I have had with the original Compression Sleeve is they can be difficult to get off. The high level of compression extends all the way from tip to tip of the sleeve and make the cuffs pretty tight. Well SLS3 read my mind and just released the Compression Day Sleeve.

From talking to Sebastian, co-owner of SLS3, they’ve maintained the level of compression with a better, longer lasting material. In my mind the greatest upgrade in the new sleeve is the cuffs. They’ve created a more forgiving top and bottom band that allows for a much easier time putting the sleeves on and taking them off.

I’ve put these through 3 or 4 runs on the trails in Tecolote Canyon. There are plenty of short steep hills through there and it’s a good test to see how my calves would react to the new sleeves. I’ve gotta agree with Sebastian, the compression is still there! My biggest reason for compression gear is the reduced muscle vibration and these guys provide that to the Nth degree.

So if possible, SLS3 has taken a huge proponent of their gear and made me even happier. If you are looking for calf sleeves, I highly recommend checking out the new SLS3 Compression Day Sleeve. I would recommend going for the black though if you are going to be using them on trails.


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