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Incredible Start to the New Year

Friday was a few hours of work followed by a great night with friends! Mike C. is heading to the east coast for 4 months of dive school as part of his naval M.D. program so we had a combination NYE and going away party. We had a fantastic time and ending the year with some great friends was a blast! I was even able to get a few of them to join me for a 1AM dip in the ocean…never underestimate the warming powers of beer!

Saturday morning Carrie and I woke up just in time to head out for what is an annual tradition in San Diego and has become a staple for us over the past few years. The “Polar Bear” swim at La Jolla shores. Before you start, I know an SD Polar Bear swim isn’t nearly as impressive as some of those around the country and world, but it’s a blast and a great way to kick of the year! Every Jan 1 I know I’m going to see people I don’t get to see often and it creates for a great atmosphere. Not to mention it’s always fun racing Denner into the frigid surf!

To complete the great weekend, the San Diego Dirt Devils headed out to the Laguna Mountains again for another run. We did a 10 mile loop starting from Penny Pines. From the trail head we took the Noble Canyon trail to the Indian Creek trail to the Pine Mountain trail to the PCT and back to Penny Pines.

I love this loop! It’s got some good climbing, great single track and incredible views. We had warmer temps than I expected but still started out running in packed down snow before the sun really warmed things up and created some slick mud for the end of the run. Overall, I felt great through the entire run and had a blast. I really missed running out in the mountains and the past two weekends really reminded me why I enjoy trail running so much. Moving yourself up and down mountains and over miles with nothing but your own two legs allows you to connect with nature in a way you can’t do in a car or from scenic overlooks.

Here are some pics from today’s run and the map/elevation profile…


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