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Listening to my body…

After Boney Mtn I noticed my knee was sore and was less than concerned with it. It first popped up when I was training for IM Florida in 2007 and I get this every once in a while when I do a lot of downhill running. I followed that up with a run on the hills in Tecolote during the week then topped it off with 6.5 miles of downhill (and 6.5 miles of up) out on the PCT on Sunday.

Suffice to say the knee said it was time to take a break. There is no point in pushing through this right now so I skipped the Tuesday morning intervals in favor of the pool. The knee is much better today but still not 100% so I decided more Tecolote hills wouldn’t do anything but set it back.I won’t be getting any runs in this week but I had a few really good gym sessions, a good swim and a ride on the trainer this week. Not a stellar training week but you do what you can with what ya got.

On top of it, I’m heading up to Big Bear tonight for a couple days of skiing and didn’t want the knee to limit me at all. After talking to Dr. Runco he recommended a knee sleeve, which I was thinking of anyway. The chondromalacia only pops up with excessive dowhill running and especially in the cooler weather. The sleeve will help with warmth and support so I’ll give it a go whenever this becomes a problem.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll have pics from the slopes when I get back. Hopefully the Steelers pull it off on Sunday and my next blog post won’t be a depressing wreck.


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  1. Josh

    smart training. that’s the key to making it through a tough season. have a great weekend in big bear!

    January 21, 2011 at 12:29 pm

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