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Skiing in Big Bear…a very late pictorial

Sorry for such a late update. After getting back from Big Bear late Saturday I spent Sunday prepping for, watching, and celebrating the Steelers AFC Championship. This means I wasn’t in any condition to mess around with the blog. I was happy with the coherent posts I had on twitter.

Anyway, before we get to the pics, I’ve had some good workouts this week including some time in the pool and gym with a run yesterday morning. The knee isn’t 100% but it held up just fine during the 4 mile run and the set of sprints we did. I’ll throw a knee sleeve on it tomorrow and probably run Marian Bear to avoid the hills in Tecolote.

Now on to the skiing. This was my first trip up to the mountain this year and I hope to get at least one or two more days up there. I LOVE skiing. I played soccer throughout my youth but skiing was the first sport I found that put me in an incredible state of peace. I love the feeling of gliding down the hill and cutting edges back and forth through the snow. Without question, I have yet to find a legal substitute for skiing that can so quickly put my entire mind and body at ease. Friday was no exception and to top it off it was probably the warmest day of skiing I’ve ever had. I never bothered to put a hat or gloves on and could have easily gone without the light jacket I was wearing. Even bad days on the slopes are good days…and this one was a great one!



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