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Oriflamme Course Preview and Week Review

Last week was a pretty solid week of training with only one missed workout. A good swim, three good strength sessions, two good runs and one that took it to me. The only workout I missed was my trainer ride on Wednesday morning and that was because 10 mins in I got a knock on the door, apparently unemployed neighbors don’t like being woken up at 7:30 in the morning to the hum of a fluid trainer. Looks like I will need to find another place or time to get my rides in.

The biggest thing to come out of my recent training is that I am feeling much stronger and haven’t been convinced that I am training hard enough. Carrie and I talked about it and we’re going to be increasing my mileage and adding a 4th run per week. Also, based on the schedule I got for this week, my strength sessions are going to be getting more intense. This could be a very interesting week of adjustment during the training.

The most notable workout of the week was Sunday morning. Carrie and Jillian joined the Dirt Devils and some race participants for a run along the Oriflamme 50K Course. We skipped the first section of single track and hopped on the trail directly across Sunrise Hwy from the parking lot. The goal was 12 miles so it was about 3 miles to the top of the first hill, three miles down and then return. The one thing I forgot about this course is the fact that the first 3 miles is downhill, so even after you finish the long climb at the end of the race you are still running uphill to the finish. To add to the climbing, the winds were brutal! The wind was non-stop and strong enough that it not only blew my hat off but, at one point when I lost my balance, it actually pushed me off the trail.

Other than when we were down towards the canyon the temps were in the low 30s which wasn’t bad, but the winds just destroyed me. I’m not sure why but I get mentally wrecked when there are strong, incessant winds. I’ve gotta head out to the course at least a few more times before the race to try to get more comfortable with the main hill and then the more gradual uphill during the final stretch.


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