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Great Weekend of Training

Had a really solid week of training…after taking Monday off to recover from watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Tuesday was a nice group run in Marian Bear and a trip to the gym at night. Wednesday was intervals on the trainer in the morning and a swim in the evening. Thursday was the group run in Tecolote and the gym at night. Friday was back to the beach for more sand running in preparation for the soft sand in Oriflamme Canyon.

This weekend was a great two days of training! Saturday I went for my first legit bike ride in well over a year. Rode 43 miles from Mission Bay up the coast to Leucadia and back. Felt great the whole time and while it was gorgeous on the coast I was quickly reminded why I hate riding along Coast Hwy when we got to Leucadia and had to deal with some assholes in cars. The good news is, all the squats still have me strong enough to chase down a car when needed.

Sunday I went back to run Oriflamme Canyon with some of the Dirt Devils. The weather was incredible and I felt great throughout the run. I’m getting a better feel for how I’m going to have to run the hill, both down and up. Starting to look forward to the 50K.

Got some decent pictures from the run so here they are…

Well, they would be here but my computer is hosed and I can’t do certain things, like load pics to the blog. So I’ll get them posted once I have everything fixed. I hope it won’t be more than a few days but who knows!


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