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We’re back…

Finally got my OS reinstalled so I’ll be back to regular posts…or at least as regular as I get. With posting, my fiber intake is just fine.

Sunday was a GREAT run! It fully encapsulated why I love trail running so much. We hit incredible trails, including some new ones I hadn’t run yet, with an awesome group of people in perfect weather. We made it an adventure run by hooking up Iron Mtn with Sycamore Canyon. The run started with a 9 mile loop on Iron Mtn then a point to point south through Sycamore Canyon ending at Mast Blvd.

I have been to Iron Mtn at least a dozen times but have only ever taken the main trail up and back. There are a huge number of beautiful trails on the other side that I had never seen. The best part is, almost no one touches these. The entire time we were on the “new to me” trails we didn’t see a single person. In just the 3 miles of the main trail we saw at least 20 people. I’ll definitely be heading back to run there more often.

The highlight for me was definitely standing atop the peak, looking west and seeing the ocean then turning around and seeing the snow covered mountain range to the east. There just isn’t that many opportunities to see something like that, I loved it!

After refueling at the base parking lot 6 of us headed down the 67 to the Sycamore Natural Preserve trailhead. From there I was treated to some more “new to me” trails that were really nice. We ran the “Ridge Trail” for a while which was exactly what you’d expect. It followed the ridge line until the hill dropped us down in to sycamore canyon. At one point we are running along and I notice the sound of a helicopter over head is getting really loud. I turn to look up and back and the damn thing is coming through the valley at the same level we were running. Not sure if it was a military training Heli or not but it was all black and flew low through the hills stopping and doing some maneuvers before taking off. Really a pretty cool experience. Also got to see a beautiful owl swoop from one tree to another right over our heads. I was too awstruck to get my camera out in time so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

As for the physical aspects of the run, I had a blast but I think I strained my Peroneal (peroneous?) muscle. I’ll be taking htis week very easy with some swimming and time in the gym. There’s no need to overdue it at this point. My running has been going well and I’m definitely strong enough to survive Oriflamme 50K in a few weeks. I’d rather maintain my fitness level and go into it healthy than try to push it and make things worse. Again, the main goal is PCT 50 so I’m still holding out hope that my body won’t let me down…as long as I’m nice to it.

Anyway, now to the good stuff…some pics from the run on Sunday. Thanks to everyone that came out to join us, it was an awesome group and I had an absolute blast.

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3 responses

  1. I love trail running.. waiting for the snow to melt and temp to warm to get back on the trails!

    Happy Trails!

    March 2, 2011 at 8:10 am

  2. Josh

    that run sounds awesome! i love that ocean-to-mountains view. one of the highlights of running trails in southern california. play it smart with that little injury!

    March 3, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    • definitely, you don’t get to see that stuff very often. It was a fantastic run. Looking forward to getting back out on the trails on Sunday after taking this week off

      March 4, 2011 at 4:18 pm

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