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30 Days of Biking – Days 3 and 4

After getting up brutally early to squeeze in a ride before heading to Big Bear, I spent the next 48 hrs with a minimal amount of sleep, a copious amount of alcohol, and some fantastic times on the slopes.

By the time I got home last night it was about 8:30 but I still had to get in a ride. Fortunately, Carrie was up for a little beach cruiser time so we headed out for an evening ride along the bay.

Day 3 - Night cruise

Got in about 35 minutes and hit my mark for the day.

Today it was back to work and despite being exhausted from the weekend I went in a little early to try to get out with plenty of daylight so I could get in a ride and the run I had on my training schedule. Carrie ended up getting out of work early too, so instead of my first “brick” in well over a year, we went out for an hour run together and then grabbed the beach cruisers and headed to the store.

Day 4 on the Cruiser

Despite not getting in a legit ride, I was more than happy being able to spend the afternoon with Carrie after being away for the weekend. We don’t get to train together as much as we used to so when we can, I really enjoy it. I suppose that soon enough we’ll be getting to spend as much time together as we can handle…for a long….long time.


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