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30 Days of Biking – Day 6

This morning was the first “real” ride I’ve done during my first week of the 30 day challenge. I busted out the Kuota Kalibur and headed from the apartment over to Fiesta Island for a couple laps and then back home. It wasn’t a very long ride, a little over 15 miles, but the effort level and pace gave me hope that I may be able to build up some cycling fitness over the next few months. Being on Fiesta Island again for the first time in a while felt really good, the “birthplace of triathlon” may have given new birth to my training. It definitely gave me a new outlook on what I may be able to do.

The Birthplace of Triathlon

After the ride I tossed on my running shoes for my first “brick” in well over a year. I was surprised at how good my legs felt for the short 4 miler. I ran up the boardwalk and back and held a steady pace without overdoing it.

Not that this workout really meant anything, and it wasn’t done with any goal in mind, but I definitely felt good about it. I miss training with goals and times in mind, this gave me a glimpse in to what it was like and I’m definitely ready for it again!


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