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30 Days of Biking – Day 10

This morning was an early one since I had to head up to the Xterra Black Mountain trail run to man a booth for the Running Institute. It was an absolutely perfect day for a run and I was more than a little envious of those that were out there racing. Afterwards I had to hurry home because Carrie and I had a brunch date with our friend that is going to be doing the music at the wedding and reception. We did the all you can eat/drink champagne brunch at Tom Ham’s which hasn’t disappointed yet! For $25, you really can’t go wrong with the amount and variety of food you get.

As I expected, and like usually happens when I get together with Freddy, very little was discussed regarding the actual wedding music and we spent most of the time stuffing our faces, drinking more than our share, and screwing around.

We got back in time to Skype with Carrie’s (and soon to be my) nephew Isaac. We haven’t seen him since 2 Christmas’ ago and he’s getting so big. It was really cool to talk to and see him. I’m going to have to get my brother on Skype so I can see my nephew once in a while.

As for the biking, after the food coma wore off Carrie and I hopped on the beach cruisers for a ride along the boardwalk. As much as I love the ocean and being able to just go for a walk or ride along the beach, I’m really looking forward to moving away from the people. With summer coming it’s much more obvious how short my patience is for people in general and ignorant people specifically. Regardless, we had a good ride and the weather today has been great. Here’s a couple quick pics from the ride…


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