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30 Days of Biking – Day 19

The plan today was to get in a legit ride this morning before picking my stepfather up from the airport at noon then heading to work. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling like hell. Lots of fun congestion and a brutal cough that was burning my throat and giving me a headache. I ended up taking the day off from work and after picking up Charlie and grabbing lunch on the way home I passed out on the couch for a few.

The overcast weather cleared up for a bit so I took Charlie along with me for my ride. I grabbed the road bike and gave him the beach cruiser and we took a tour of the boardwalk and the bay. Really nice relaxed ride and we got back just in time for the clouds to roll back in. I was coughing the majority of the ride which was irritating to say the least but at least I got the ride in. I don’t think I’ll be ale to get in any real rides til this clears up but I’m going to try to ride to work tomorrow instead of just another easy ride around MB.


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