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Back from a life imposed hiatus

Sorry for the complete lack of posts but things have been hectic to say the least lately. First, Carrie and I moved in to our new place a couple weeks ago and just got internet installed a couple days ago. To say I’m unhappy with AT&T would be a massive understatement. On top of the move, work has been busy and we are in the middle of the race season for our trail race series with Dirt Devil Racing. We just had our third race of the year on Sunday; we’ve sold out every one so far and people are loving them. Every minute of work is worth it when you are at the post-race party and have so many people thanking you for a great event.

The best news on the past few weeks though is definitely our new place.

That’s the view from our porch; we’re right on Canyon 2 of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and it’s less than .5 miles on the road to get to the trail head. One of my big desires when we were looking for a place was this exact set up and I couldn’t be happier. They are in the process of a lot of re-vegetation and trail maintenance in Canyons 2 and 3 and it’s starting to look really good! Being able to run right to the trail is incredible and makes for some great off the bike transition running. Add to that the tough uphill finish on Mt Acadia to get home and it’s going to be fun training from here.

Riding from the new place is pretty good too. There is easy access to Fiesta Island and Rose Canyon bike path to take off in a few different directions. There will be an update on my riding in the next few days…I’m REALLY excited about it!

Unfortunately, even with the new headquarters, training has not been what I want it to be, especially with the goal of doing SD Tri Classic in September. I’m only able to get in the water once a week right now and I’m only on the bike 1 to 2 times a week. Because of that I’ve decided not to sign up for Tri Classic and instead set my sights on the new race in Chula Vista in October. It’ll give me an extra month of training to get my swim to where I would be happy with it and get some semblance of bike legs back.

All in all, I’m happy with what I have been able to do with the limited time I have had available, but I’m not willing to throw a bunch of money down on a race when I know I won’t be able to show up and put forth a solid effort.

In more ‘here and now’ news, this morning was a typical Tuesday trail run in Marian Bear park with the Dirt Devils. We ran Sunday’s race course to double check for left over course markings and make sure everything was cleaned up. At the turnaround we added the big hill that goes to the top of the canyon and did the loop up there. We went down a section I hadn’t run before and I made the ultimate rookie trail running mistake of looking at the view instead of my footing. I caught my foot on a rock in the middle of the trail and took nice spill. I trip all the time but I haven’t fallen in quite a while.

Of course I took pictures to commemorate the occasion…


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