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Shortening the Distance between Family

As much as I love living in San Diego, there are some drawbacks to being just about as far away from your family as you can get while still being in the lower 48. This weighs even more on me when family members are sick and when there are new family members being born. And seeing as how my family and friends appear to be doing their best to make sure the world’s population numbers continue their climb, this is happening more and more frequently.

It seems like every time I go home my little cousins are not so little any more and there is a new family member I haven’t met yet. My youngest brother is going to college in a matter of weeks, my God-daughter is going in to high school, a fact so unbelievable I had to double check before posting this, and my nephew is turning a year old next month. It’s amazing to see the significant changes they are making every time I go home but it can be hard at times not to see them growing up.

Fortunately, my family and I have finally begun using Skype and this morning was the first time I was able to go on and see my nephew, Joseph. After his initial confusion and a period of trying to figure out how Uncle Paul, the guy from the picture on the wall, was talking to him through the computer he was so much fun. I played his favorite song (the Hot Dog song from Micky Mouse Clubhouse) and he was hilarious to watch dance and smile.

It can be hard to be this far from family sometimes, but there are always ways to keep in touch and make the distance seem less substantial.

Skype with Joseph and Grandma


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