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Weekend Recap: New trails, Mtn Biking, and Balboa Park

What an incredible weekend, I got to make old trails new again, finally get on the mountain bike, and spend some quality time with Carrie. Can’t think of anything more I would want from 3 days.

Friday morning started with a pre-work run in MTRP. I have been running here for years but have only ever run from the Equestrian Center or the Visitor’s Center. I had gotten so used to running from there it was just routine and even though I had covered a good majority of the park over the past couple years I had never started from the Tierrasanta/West side. I was stoked to be able to change that on Friday morning. Even though I had run a good portion of the trails on the west side there was beautiful single track that I had never touched. After the run I immediately decided to start spending more time here and it works out well because it’s much quicker to get to the Clairemont Mesa Blvd entrance from the new place.

Friday morning run in Mission Trails Regional Park

Saturday before work I was able to head down the hill to get my first ride in on the new mountain bike. I was more than a little hesitant at some points but overall it went pretty well. No big falls and had a blast. Carrie was down in the canyon for a run and was able to get a couple pictures.

She also grabbed a picture of a flower she saw the day before that she liked alot.

Her enjoyment of the flowers wasn’t even diminished when I told her that these were the flowers I so often referred to as “Nature’s Charmin.” Seriously though, the first person to start packaging these things for in-home use will have at least one customer for life!

This morning I was fortunate enough to have a friend join me for some more exploration of MTRP, this time on the mountain bike. While Carrie went out for a run, we road a reverse route of Friday’s run. I can’t thank Barry enough for coming out to ride with me. He took me on some trails that I never would have touched on my own and helped me realize that the bike can do more than I think it can. We road some awesome single track and I got more and more comfortable with my descents every trail we took. By the end there were some sections where I just let go and can’t even describe how much fun it was to barrel through some of the soft, smooth berms that have been built through there.

The biggest weakness I have noticed so far is technical climbing. I’m strong enough to ride most of the hills, I just have a lot to learn about gearing and being able to hold a line on the uphills. There were a number of times I would be going ok then get off line, lose momentum and have to unclip. Once the foot was down it was damn near impossible to get back in the saddle. I did more pushing on the uphills than I care to admit, but it was the first real ride and I’ve got a ton to learn.

I’m already in love with mountain biking. It takes me out of my comfort zone and it’s going to challenge me for a while. I can’t wait to get back out there….maybe tomorrow.

After an awesome breakfast at Mission Valley Cafe, Carrie and I came home to get cleaned up and relax for a bit. It was too nice to sit in the house so we went over to Balboa Park to walk around and enjoy the gorgeous weather. She found some new earrings from a local artist’s shop and we spent the rest of the time people watching and walking through the cactus, rose, and botanical gardens.


After a great weekend and killer day, it’s time to wrap it up with a light dinner, some productivity in front of the computer, and a nice cold Manzanita IPA.




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