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Solid Training and Trip Planning

Wish I had more time to update this blog on a regular basis and more exciting stuff to talk about…but what can ya do. I’ve been working 6 day weeks but I’m still doing pretty well with getting in solid training each week. My run and swim are definitely feeling stronger and my strength sessions keep kicking my ass but I’m loving them and the way they have been helping my other sports. I’m trying to ride at least once or twice a week time permitting and the mountain bike has been awesome! I’ve only been on it a couple time but I’m going to take it out and ride the Raptor Ridge 1/2 Marathon course on Sunday and can’t wait.

Next Saturday Carrie and I are leaving for a week of anything but work and stress. It’ll be the first real trip we’ll have as husband and wife so it’s serving as a pseudo-honeymoon. We’ll be spending the first half of the week on Catalina Island camping, hiking, running, and just exploring. I’ve never been to Catalina and I can’t wait to check it out. (We’ll also be taking some time to check out some of the terrain in anticipation for a potential return with athletic aspirations in mind <- foreshadowing) The second half of the week will be spent in Vegas laying by the pool, eating, drinking, checking out Interbike, and generally doing whatever the hell we feel like!

This is going to be the first time we are going camping for multiple days that will require us to plan out meals to take with us. Last night we found some really good gluten-free, dairy-free ideas from various websites (I’d link to them but I can’t remember all the sites we went through) so we spent the evening taking care of that stuff. Looks like we’ll be doing some oatmeal varieties for breakfast and some quinoa and pasta dishes for dinner with packaged tuna and chicken. We’ve also got a huge list of snacks and lunch type stuff to take. The way I eat I have a feeling food will always be the heaviest thing in my pack when I head out.

On a more work related note, there are HUGE things on the horizon for Dirt Devil Racing. About three years ago we decided to throw a race together in Mission Trails Regional Park. From that small, barely organized event we come a long way to this year have 4 sold out events and we’re about to close out the season with a 5th just over a month away. Raptor Ridge Half is such an amazing way to end the year and it’s going to be great. Even better though are things that are in the works for next year. We’ve got some major announcements that I’m hoping to be able to make very soon and the potential to do something that hasn’t been done before! 2012 is going to be a VERY busy year.


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