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Labor Day Weekend

Despite only having one day off for the holiday weekend Carrie and I made the most of it and had a blast. Saturday night a friend had some extra tickets to the SDSU opening football game so Carrie met me at the store after work with some food and beer and we headed to Qualcomm Stadium for a little tailgating before kickoff. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a game and it was a real good time. I don’t care what level of sport you are watching, it’s awesome to see people that are much more athletically gifted than you do what they do best.

Sunday started with an early alarm in order to make it up to the Raptor Ridge Half Marathon course preview with the Dirt Devils. I’m not up to 13 mile runs yet and needed to get another bike in this week so I took the mtb for a ride. It worked out well because Doc is hurt so he brought his bike and Jay and Freddy came out to join us too.

Some low fog to start the morning ride

Jay on first off road ride and showing the new Giant Talon 29er.

Freddy - The guy that suggested years ago that I get a bike and started my obsession with endurance sports

It was a beautiful morning and we had a great ride. We added a couple miles on after the 1/2 marathon turnaround but didn’t make it as far as we would have liked. We went through a section with some crazy thorns and Jay flatted after pulling one out. My tires were loaded with them and since I didn’t have any spares with me (I know, dumb move) I didn’t touch them for fear of not making it back. We turned around and used the road to bypass the thorn riddled section. We made it about half way back before Jay flatted again and had to hike out to the road and wait for a pick up. Despite the flats he had a blast on his first mtb ride and I definitely have a new partner to learn the off road riding with.

Pano from the top of Raptor Ridge

It's all smiles once the climb is over


After the ride a few of us hit up a local Clairemont favorite for breakfast than Carrie and I headed home to get ready for a relaxing day with friends.

We spent Sunday over on Silver Strand celebrating Toby and Alicia’s engagement with a couple of Toby’s friends from back east. It started with me learning how to play croquet (and learning that I am terrible at it) followed by a little lunch and all accompanied by some quality brews. After some hanging out and a fantastic dinner that they had prepared for us we were off to the beach for sunset and some night time Bocce. The LED Bocce set Toby has is sick and makes for a blast playing in the dark.

Loved this cloud formation

We finished the night in perfect style by chilling on the patio and making S’mores. Because Carrie can’t eat the graham crackers she had the brilliant idea of using Gluten-Free cookies instead…this is only one of the many reasons I married this woman!


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