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Recovering and Moving on

After last Monday’s crash I was a little worried because on Tuesday I could barely walk my hip hurt so bad. The good news is that even though it’s got a disgusting looking bruise (purple, black and yellow while being a solid lump that you can move around) the soreness and pain has mostly subsided. It’s still really tender to touch so bumping it or laying on it is uncomfortable.

In an attempt to let it heal as quickly as possible, I skipped 2 of my 3 runs this week but was still able to get in both swims, both rides, and both strength sessions so overall I’m still pretty happy with the week. Especially since it ended with 14.5 miles on the trails yesterday with Carrie. We kept an easy pace and I felt strong throughout the entire run. I wish I could say the same about Carrie, an old IT issue flared up and caused for a painful last 2 miles. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because we’ve got big plans, but more about that later this week.

In all, I’ve been feeling stronger, healthier, and in better shape than I have since I was training for Silverman in ’09. All my workouts are going well, Carrie is pushing me in the pool and gym, and my runs, while not fast, are at a pace I want them to be at while still feeling strong. As long as I can keep my wheels under me when I’m on the mountain bike, I’m becoming optimistic for what’s ahead!

Only 800 miles, let's get started!

Map and Elevation for Sunday's Run w/ Carrie


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