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Otay Lakes Run on 11/6/11

My training is continuing to go well and I have to credit Carrie for putting together a well balanced training plan that has me feeling stronger every week and is keeping me healthy.

This weekend I went south and east to explore the trails around Otay Lakes in Chula Vista. This is where we’ll be holding the Wild Horse 1/2 Marathon in January and I wanted to check out some alternative trails in case the lake is too high and we need to deviate from the current plan. Also, I really just wanted to see some more of what is down there. The trails around the are some great single track that are a blast to run but what I was interested in were the mountains that surround the lake. When you fly in to San Diego you start the descent just east of this area and every time I fly over it I see the trails snaking their way through the mountains and wish i was on them. Well I finally got to experience just a taste of what the area has to offer. And I can’t wait to get back out there to check out more of it!

I started with a nice flat run around the lower lake headed up around the north lake then followed the trail up and over the peak of one of the closer ridge lines. The trail was barely runnable in some sections and it was all I could do to manage a fast paced hike in other areas but I loved it! I will defintiely be heading back out there to get in more hill training in the future.

The Route

A nice little climb

Click any of these pics to enlarge and check out some of the awesome views from the run…and the pic of me.


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